On Writing a Blog on Writing

I’ve cancelled my self-hosting subscription to my other blog, writesydaisy.com.  I’ve realized, in the midst of working on a novel, that I can’t (or don’t want to) maintain two blogs and two personas online (and also, the hundreds of spam comments every day on that site got a wee bit old).  So if you knew me as Kianwi…here I am, as romance novel writer-in-process, Kinley Dane.  The name is about as real as Kianwi, even though both have elements of my true name.  Kinely Dane also pays homage to my dad who was a writer-without-a-novel, although I’m not sure he would have been thrilled with being connected to my romancy schmancy stuff.  But oh well, I’m the boss here, am I not?!



So for now I’ll be blogging about writing this durn novel.  My goal is to finish the novel by the end of the year and time she is a slippin’ and a slidin’ away.  I’m hoping this keeps me on track, because I’m at the stage where I’m getting mired down and I don’t want to lost momentum.  I’ve got lots of scenes and now I need to connect those scenes.  Not as easy as I would have thought.

Now let’s see how entertaining I can make writing about writing.  And for you old readers of simply she goes or writesy daisy, I’m sure other parts of my life will sneak in too, seeing as I seem to relish telling every embarrassing thing ever and there’s been a-plenty lately.

Just remember, my name is Kinley Dane now…although if you call me Kianwi, I won’t kick you off my blog.  I’ll probably smile fondly with nostalgia, actually.
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26 thoughts on “On Writing a Blog on Writing

  1. Kinley Darling, I didn’t even know you were working on a novel. That’s so exciting. Do you have an editor yet? If you don’t, I want to throw my hat in the ring. I promise not to use stupid cliches.



    • Hi! You came to visit! You are my very first visitor and very first to comment…seems fitting 🙂

      Yes, I decided it was time. Once I realized I had lots of romance novels in my head, I gave up my snobbishness about actually writing a romance and decided to go for it. I need to get published in my lifetime! And it’s never been easier to do so…so I’m doing it!

      I am not really sure how the editing will go on this first novel, due to lack of funds. But believe me, whether if it’s with this novel or with another, later one, you will always be my first choice for an editor. There’s no question!


    • It got so bad with spam that if someone ended up in jail, I couldn’t even find them to fish them out! I probably don’t even need moderation on this blog, as no spam yet…but we shall see!

      Thanks for trying again!!


        • I know! I lost Simply She Goes because the spammers bought it out from under me and Writesy Daisy got so many spam comments I spent all of my time deleting them, so never wanted to write! I have no clue why I am such a spam attractor…if I only I attracted men like I did spammers, I’d never have to pay for a dinner again 🙂

          I missed you, too and, yes, that makes you sound like a softy…but that’s why I adore you 🙂


    • Hi! I’m so glad you found your way here! I’ve been writing, but I suspect my working on my blog is me sneakily taking a break from writing the novel. I think I need to put one of those count down clocks on my blog to the end of the year to make sure I stay focused!


  2. We’re glad to see you back! Hopefully for good this time? And we’re excited that this novel is coming along. We ever going to see a sample posted here?

    Also, what if I don’t call you Kinley, or even Kianwi, and I slip up and give everyone your REAL name… Kip Delaware? That’s right, I figured it out, using nothing more than a 6 pack of beer and kindergarten-level detective skills. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me… Kip.


    • Oh my god! How did you find out??!! Well, sheesh, I might just have to start ANOTHER new blog with my real name, now. Thanks a lot, boys.

      I hope it’s for good, too. I intend for it to be for good! As far as a sample, I’ve thought about it, but I’m nervous…not because I think people won’t like it, because they will!…but because I’m not sure how to protect it if I post it before it’s actually in a novel? I have to check into that more, but yes, I have definitely been thinking of it.

      Thanks for coming over!!


  3. Kianw…. err I mean Kinley (if that in fact IS your real name 🙂 ) I’m so happy I found you again. Romance novels? Nice! I approve. I want to be your first customer. Signed copy, of course. Proud of you. (HUGS)


    • I’m so happy you found me, too! And thanks for the very kind words, you are so sweet 🙂 It wasn’t what I expected to write, but it seems like it’s the right fit for me right now. Let’s hope everyone else agrees when they read my book!


      • That reminds me…. do you have a presence on Facebook? If so, I’d love to introduce you to a group of fellow writers. Great, great group of people. If so, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up. (michael AT want2bwriter DOT com.


        • I haven’t done that yet for this name, but I know I need to. I barely even use Facebook for my personal life, so it’s a stretch! But I will get that going and contact you. I really appreciate your help!


  4. I really should have visited here before asking the question that I did on your old blog. Now I have my answer. I do hope you have better luck with this blog, and I truly cannot wait to see this novel. All the best and thank you for visiting me.


    • I think this might work better for me (we’ll see!) because so often I felt like I had no direction in my other blog. Having the focus of writing about writing, I think might be better for me. Thanks for coming over 🙂


  5. I’m picturing in three years time, someone says “Kianwi” around you and you drop your glass and lean on the counter trying to come yourself down. When the speaker asks in a panic what’s wrong, you say
    “Nothing… but I need you to leave.”
    “Just go!”


  6. Holy cow! This is awesome!! Huge congrats on this new adventure. Obviously you’ll let us know when it’s ready for purchase, correct? Love the new look and as much as I like ABFTS’s name, I think I’m gonna just go with K. Kinda like M in James Bond. She was too cool for excessive letters and now, so are you.


    • Thanks! Yes, I’m sure you will all know, ad-nauseum, when the book will be ready for purchase 🙂 It will be a while, but it will happen!

      K, I like it. I should have gone with K. Dane. Seems super cool, doesn’t it?

      thanks for coming over!


  7. It looks like I checked in just in time to find that you have started again in a new place. All these comments also have me curious about your real name too.


    • Hey! Yep, just in time 🙂 Here I am in a new incarnation…some of us just won’t die, ha ha. And, sigh, if my real name was all that exciting, I would have used it a long time ago.

      Thanks for finding your way over!


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