A Solemn Occasion (Not Really)


We are gathered here today to say goodbye.  To say farewell to someone who had a big role in my life lately.   Sadly, I need to announce the sudden demise of my novel’s main male character.  He was a good guy, really, he was, but unfortunately…I just didn’t like him!

I know, that seems weird, because, hello, I’m the one who created him.  But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t warm up to the man.  He was based on a very brief interaction I had with this random guy and from that small, short moment, a whole character with a set personality was created.  And, well, that personality was just plain annoying.  He was uptight and very straight-laced, and just not someone I’m gonna fall in love with, okay?  You probably wouldn’t fall in love with him, either.  Unless you like uptight and very straight-laced.  In that case, good news!  He’s available now.

As I wrote, I kept thinking that I’d be able to mold him a bit, but he just stayed his same stuffy self.  I will completely admit that this may have just been my inexperience as a novelist and that I need to improve my character-creating skills.  But whatever the explanation, he just wouldn’t cooperate and I couldn’t see him differently than I first imagined him.

So he’s dead now.  Let that be a lesson to all future uncooperative characters.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to work a different male lead into my really cute opening scene, since that scene is where I first imagined him, but I realize it may have to go.  I hope not, but it could end up being one of those “kill your darlings” situations here.  Which would be a bummer, cause I love that scene!  Someone else is just going to have to work.

Speaking of someone else, I’m also currently taking auditions for a new main character.  Or I might steal a male lead from another novel that I have in mind.  My poor female lead, who knows who she’s gonna end up with now?  But I bet she’s darn glad that she’s not with that Mr. Stuffy McStraight-Laced anymore.  Or that I haven’t killed her off.  Because I could if I wanted.  I could.

Hmmm.  I think the power may be going to my head.  I’ll try to stop killing people, but I can’t make any promises.


20 thoughts on “A Solemn Occasion (Not Really)

    • Of course I have a Doris Day character! A rising action, climax, denounment and a Doris Day-like character…all the basic elements of a good novel. I just feel bad that I never thought to fix him up with her. Rookie mistake.


  1. My friend and I co-write some stories. She’s killed off at least ten characters throughout everything. I’ve killed off one, at her suggestion. We just got sick of them and decided they needed to go.


    • Yeah, you know, I thought about it, but a death like that didn’t seem to fit in my original idea of the plot. But I’m still reserving the right to change my mind and dig him out of cold storage, only to kill him off in a spectacular way! Poor guy.


  2. I hear you. Uptight is never good. Unless you want to crack a nut with your butt cheeks. Well, not your butt cheeks, but just some random person’s butt cheeks. Um… Well, you know what I mean. Future uncooperative characters beware!


  3. Too funny! “He’s available now.” Good one. 🙂 I kind of feel sorry for him. Might I suggest an alternative? Perhaps you can still use him in the story? Perhaps as an adversary? Or an ex-lover of the lead female? The boss of the lead female? The father of lead female?

    BTW, don’t feel guilty about making sweeping changes. It’s better that you identified the issue now, and not after you completed the novel.


  4. Can we take him? I can think of a thousand gruesome ways for him to die in any of our future novels. Then maybe he won’t be so stuffy mcstraight-laced.


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