What We Wouldn’t Say

Great, grey beasts holding secrets in their trunks, startled when I shouted, “Enough!  We can see you.”

Trumpeting, they left, spewing truths around the room.  We scooped up brittle pieces, examining them while they crumbled.

“Were they always this fragile?” we wondered.


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43 thoughts on “What We Wouldn’t Say

  1. Oh! Yes – I see what you mean! We had two different approaches to chasing off our elephants. I love how your confronted yours directly like that. Fantastic.


  2. Sometimes the elephants are fragile and sometimes it can be the truth that crumbles and lies about the room in brittle pieces. Now I’m thinking too much.
    The story is stellar. Thanks.


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  4. This was insanely clever. I wish I had something funny or sarcastic to say, but I don’t. All I can say is, if your upcoming novel is even half as clever as this then you’ve got a real winner.


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