Neglect and Motivation

Well, so happy new year twelve days later!  I don’t really have much of a post today, but wanted to share a link for any short story writers out there…

Writer’s Digest is having a short story competition.  If you are interested in finding out more, click here. But hurry if you want to participate…the deadline is this Friday!

I’m working to finish mine before Friday.  It’s kind of break from not working on my novel.  Why would I need a break from NOT writing? I guess it’s more of a break from stressing about not writing my novel. Poor lonely, neglected novel.  I hope to be a better writer and stop hurting its feelings and go back to it soon.  I’ve read a million (perhaps an exaggeration, but only by a hundred thousand or so) quotes and tips on how you just need to write…that there is no waiting for the right moment, the right mood, the right time.  I believe it, I’ve just yet to put it into practice.  But like it or not, come February, I will be back at it, because my lovely friend Michael Walker and I have an agreement that will start back up where both of us will commit to writing 1,000 words each week towards our novels.  Here’s hoping the buddy system works in writing as well as it does on field trips and working out!

And in the event the buddy system fails, this is my backup plan:

Kodi disapproving

Okay, okay, Kodi, I’ll write my novel!  There’s no way I could hold up under that kind of a disapproving stare.  Feel free to borrow it if you’ve been slacking on anything 🙂