So This is Love

Three years ago or so, I ‘met’ a blogger online through Dude Write, a blogging competition for men that sadly no longer exists.  I suppose, in a way, the end of this story can be credited somewhat to the founders of Dude Write, Youngman Brown and Wily Guy … thanks, gentlemen!

But I’m jumping ahead!  You’re probably thinking, “What ending? What’s she talking about?”

Let me tell you the tale.  I met Michael Walker of Defying Procrastination at Dude Write.  He even sponsored me once for a Dudette contest week there.  I considered him a casual friend back then.  He was engaged at the time and I was, well, in my own little world.  We kept in touch through comments on blogs and occasional emails and tweets, but that was pretty much it.

Skip ahead a bit to me starting this blog and tweeting to let everyone know about it. Michael congratulated me and somehow we found ourselves messaging one another on Facebook.  At first I thought, “Hmmm, this guy is awfully chatty with a single person of the female persuasion, for a man who’s married” –until I realized he hadn’t gotten married, that his relationship had ended.

A few Facebook messages turned into daily Facebook messages that turned into messaging all the livelong day. Phone numbers were exchanged and we switched to texting.  At one point I remember being shocked to see by how much my text messages had increased…I went from 254 the month prior to us starting our text-a-thons to 1,632 the next month.  Seriously!

Phone calls began slipping their way into the madness and somewhere in the progression of messages, texts and calls, feelings changed and I was suddenly thinking of this casual friend I didn’t know all that well as something more.  My heart that had been dormant for, ahem, quite some time, shook off the dust and cobwebs and, without my explicit permission, started beating to the tune of Michael’s words and voice. I was a bit unnerved…but it’s amazing how much control one little organ can have.

When we finally moved to Skype (thank you, Skype, for existing!) I couldn’t deny that an actual relationship was forming…yes, without us ever having met in person.  I know it may be hard for some to understand, but the quantity and quality of our video chats were greater than most face-to-face dates.

One moment really stands out to me that made me realize that this was much more than a blogging friendship.  I told Michael that I had been snooping around on his blog and that I really loved a particular post of his called “Michael.”  It described his life and all he had experienced, but also how the one thing he was missing was a special kind of love.  When he replied that the post had actually been his bio on a dating site, I remember thinking that had I read it in that setting, it would have surely drawn me in.  I also thought, “I think I might be that special love he’s been looking for.”

So by the time I went to visit Michael in-person, it was no shock to me that I didn’t for a moment feel like I was meeting someone for the first time.  Instead, I felt like I was seeing someone I cared about after a long separation.  We quickly confirmed that we had a connection unlike either of us had experienced before and we knew that this was a relationship we both wanted to pursue.

Michael and I at Natural Bridge Caverns...our first adventure together :)

Michael and I at Natural Bridge Caverns…our first adventure together 🙂

Michael and I at hockey game

At a Texas Stars hockey game. I know…I’m at a sporting event…it MUST be love!

The trip was amazing and fun and all the special things that being with someone you love can be.  This man has an Excel spreadsheet for planning and he’s not afraid to use it!  Michael spoiled me…by buying my favorite chocolates online so I would have them at his house…by having  a bouquet of my favorite flowers waiting for me…by treating me to one fantastic meal and activity after another.

One night I met twelve of his friends who all came out because they loved him and were eager to meet the new lady in his life.  That alone said so much about the kind of person he is.

My trip only confirmed what I already knew…I love this man. It turns out, he is exactly what I needed at this exact time in my life. He has qualities that I never even knew to dream of in a partner, but I’m so thankful for every piece of him.

Fast forward to now and I’m sitting here looking at a bunch of empty boxes that will be soon holding my favorite belongings…because I’m moving to Texas to be with Michael!  We know there’s still more to learn about one another, but we also know enough to realize that we want to start a life together…and we need to be in the same place to do it.

So at the end of March, after Michael comes to Michigan to meet my family and friends, we will be loading up my things in a truck, including my dog and three cats (yes, he is a prince, he’s never even questioned that the furry ones would ALL be coming along as well) and heading home together to Texas.

I can’t imagine anything better.

Michael and I at airport

Michael posted this selfie of us at the airport right before I left with these words: “She’s not even on the plane yet and I’m already missing her.” How can you not love a guy like that?




45 thoughts on “So This is Love

  1. Whoa, 1,600+ texts in a month!?! How did you have time to literally do anything else? Were you texting while cooking? Texting while driving? That’s not safe. You were definitely texting from the bathroom at that rate.
    I completely understand the relationship taking form from a distance and Skype having more power than a face-to-face date. That’s how I really fell in love with my spouse. Something about that distance and feeling like you need to make your words count.
    Congratulations to you both. Moving to Texas, that’s a big step. Wait, does he have a top of his head? I don’t see it in any of the pictures. Truly, in all seriousness, congrats.


    • I know, I have no clue how I did anything else! What’s worse is last month we were at 3,000 texts! I have no idea. We must be texting in our sleep.
      Oh, that’s sweet that you fell in love over Skype, too! Ha ha, yes, he does have a top of his head, only it has a treasure map engraved on it, so he has to keep it covered at all times.


  2. Wow, wow, wow! That is so awesome! We both are just beyond happy for you. I especially love that you didn’t pussyfoot around it (also I just love the word pussyfoot) – you started talking, you Skyped, and then you met in person. Nothing irks me more than people meeting online and being too ‘afraid’ to meet up so they just start an awkward online relationship that fizzles out. But this? This is how you do it. Congratulations!


    • Thank you both! And, yeah, no pussyfooting (agreed…it’s an awesome word!). I mean, I’m in my 40’s, there’s no time for lollygagging, either! 🙂 But I just always knew it was a special thing, so I was happy that we kept the forward momentum 🙂


    • Thank you!! I am going to be in Austin (well, Hutto, actually). But I think Fredericksburg is in wine country?? Michael was telling me about it, that we needed to take a trip there. I will have to look you up if we do!


  3. AWWW!!! Congrats, you two! This makes me really glad I met Mrs C before cell phones (and texting, by extension) were such a big thing. I’m pretty sure she would have had me matching that count.

    She’s chatty.


  4. I get it, probably more than most people. Online relationships seem like they’re not a real thing until you have one. Going out on adventures and dates doesn’t matter nearly as much as getting to know the person.

    Brett and Red, me and Wolfy, you and Michael. I wonder who’s next!


  5. Oh, my goodness gracious. You can’t imagine how happy you’ve made me. I am so glad for you and your dude. You’ll be near Austin? I visited Austin once. I liked it a lot. I have two sisters near Dallas.He looks so sweet and loving. I hope he’s not perfect. Something has to be wrong with him that you learn early on or you’ll be shocked when you learn it later. Willy Dunne Wooters can be grumpy. I’m glad I learned that not too far into the relationship. Now I expect him to be grumpy, and I ignore him. It goes away, and he turns into sweet Willy Dunne Wooters who wants to make sure I’m okay.



    • Thanks Janie! Yes, I’ll be near Austin. I really liked what I saw of it and am eager to explore more 🙂
      I haven’t figured out his big flaw, yet, but more importantly he hasn’t figured out MINE yet…he thinks it’s peas, but he really has no clue, ha ha. Poor guy 🙂


    • Thanks Scott! Well, you started Dude Write and that’s where we met, so I think you are more than a pawn, even if none of us had a clue where things would be headed 🙂 And Dude Write was awesome!


  6. That’s a beautiful story, it makes me really happy 🙂 Of course there needs to be some comparison to Red and Brett, who we all loved following back in the day (how old am I?). I had a situation where I was sending and receiving thirty texts a day from someone and then it developed into phone calls. But then it fell apart like a terrible car crash. I’m really glad you’ve found such a great man who does so much for you. I also miss Youngman Brown and Wily Guy who were friends from the old blog 😉


    • It’s funny that Red and Brett were ‘back in the day’, ha ha, but it’s so true…that seems like ages ago. And now they are a happily married couple 🙂

      Thanks Michael! I’m glad our story didn’t end in a car crash 🙂


  7. Its all true. She IS the love I’ve been looking for all these years. I am madly in love with this woman. For the record, she makes me sound all wonderful and all, but really, I’m just loving her the way that she deserves. There is one tiny oversight that she failed to mention, and that is that I love her more. But… I don’t want to nick-pick an otherwise beautifully constructed post. 🙂

    p.s. Janie, I’ve only found one flaw so far, and that is that she LOVES peas. Granted, that’s a HUGE flaw… I mean COLOSSAL flaw, but I’ve taken the high road and have chosen to forgive her. I know for most people that would have been a deal breaker, and lets be honest, it really is. However, even dreadful peas cannot subdue the love I have for her.

    As for me? Well, I’m just a big sack of flaws, but she loves me in spite of them all. Right honey? This is one of many reasons why I love her so.


  8. That’s the happiest ending to a story I’ve heard since reading ‘Puss in Boots’! I’m so happy to hear that your little organ has been re-activated, Miss K. And congratulations to Michael, who thoroughly deserves his reward after putting in the hours.


    • Wow, we are happier than Puss in Boots, go figure! Lol. Michael definitely put in his hours and hours of hard work, although I’m not sure me moving in with three cats and a dog is such a reward, but oh well 😉


  9. you deserve special and so does he. Enjoy make your life together and making new memories each and every day. Gotta love a man who takes fur babies without question. Definitely a keeper 🙂


  10. This is beautiful! My husband and I met on-line too, though we had 7,000 miles between us and, instead of a dog and three cats, I had three little daughters. We now have 4 more children (2 more girls and two boys), a dog, 3 cats and a gerbil. 🙂 Good luck on your move!


  11. 1,632? You mean 1,632? I have never in my entire life written 1,632 text messages. 1,632? Well, god for you? But you did find the time to eat, right? Your heart that had been dormant for , ahem, quite some time (I see), shook off the dust and cobwebs and started beating to the tune of Michael’s words and voice? Is that a fact? I don’t think I’ve ever read anything more romantic. Ever. I’m happy for you. Does this mean that I should stop making you blush while I go and do stuff in my garden?



  12. Well that’s just awesome! As a former DudeWriter (and, for a short period, flash fiction editor for DudeWrite), I’m happy to see you and Michael having found love through the blogging world!

    May you bring each other nothing but happiness for years to come! Happy belated Valentine’s to you two.


  13. aww! what a beautiful story… i love learning about how relationships evolve and unfold over time. it’s exciting that you are moving there and will be starting a new chapter together. congrats!

    also… when you’re in texas, enjoy the bbq! when i lived there, i totally took it for granted. now that i’m far away, i miss it and feel like bbq elsewhere just can’t compete. =)


  14. I love this post. I have been out of the blogging world for so long now, I didn’t have any idea this had happened. Congratulations to you both. I’m so happy for you.


  15. (Well now I read all the way to the bottom and see that you were once known as Kianwi! I feel stupid for sort of introducing myself! Brett and I have got to get back into the blogging world.)


  16. Kianwi!!! I was reposting a very old piece, read through its comments, saw your name, and wondered where your posts in my blog feed were. I followed the comment link and [Poof!]. Found you! Love this story. Sending wishes for continued happiness and bliss to both of you!!!


  17. Yes I’m hormonal BUT. This has me all teary eyed. I’m so incredibly happy for you. Everyone should be so lucky in life. ❤️❤️


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